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The “Predator” helmet. Order.

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Original Predator helmet — is a unique development of Nitrinos Company. (protected by official patent). Predator Helmet is a combination of fantastic design and full characteristics of a motorcycle helmet. Each Predator helmet is produced by hand from composite materials and with necessary carbon armoring in order to get a high strength. We have developed a dual-channel, regulated ventilation system for convenient helmet exploitation. Also, Predator helmet has quick replaceable visors - light, dark and mirrorlike. The inner soft part of the helmet — is removable for convenient cleaning. A unique feature of Predator helmets is that each helmet can be completed with several options. Today, 12 options are available for you (see below).

Шлем Хищник. Заказать.                                                                        

         Size range:                                                    Base-line helmet configuration:
             XS   53-54 cm                                             Definition of base-line configuration:
              S    55-56 cm                                              color: matt black.   
              M    57-58 cm                                             one transparent glass (visor).
              L     59-60 cm                                             dreads (22 units, length is 34 cm). 
              XL   61-62 cm                                             weight helmet: 1820 grams
            XXL   63-64 cm



Cost of base-line helmet configuration:  $ 754  (580 euro)



Options for “Predator” Helmet

The “Predator” is unique for its additional options. They are also available.

Each option has its own cost which is added to the base cost ( $ 754 /580 euro ) of the helmet.



Helmets Predator review

the Predator Helmet in 3D

our channel on YouTube

If you have any questions or you want to order the Predator helmet please, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.



                                                 1) LED module

Three super-bright red photodiodes are switched on with the tiny button at the bottom of the helmet. Two batteries of ААА type maintain power supply (2х1.5V). The batteries are located under the right cheek pad, which is easily detached.

                                                            Option cost – $ 15 (11 euro)





                                                          2) Laser module

Three laser red units are in aluminum body. Also, there are start button and two batteries of AAA type; Lasers are of longer beam range than photodiode so that three beams will be visible in the fog and smock.

                                                                      Watsh this VIDEO.

                                                              Option cost – $ 112 (86 euro)







                                                             3) One color painting.

In basic configuration the “Predator” has dull black coating. We can paint your helmet with different colors. For example, black polish or any other color.

                                             Option cost –
$ 100 (77 euro)








                                           4) Additional tinted shield.

The transparent shield is included to the base-line configuration. Additionally you can order the tinted shield for a comfortable ride in the bright sunlight.

                                              Option cost –
$ 62 (47 euro)




                                           5) Additional mirror shield.


                                              Option cost –
$ 79 (59 euro)




                                               6) Carbon edges for dreads.

Dreads, tails (on the helmet) have the length of 34 cm. There are 22 units of dreads. You can complete the dreads with carbon edges. The edges are made of carbon. The set consists of 22 edges.

                                                 Option cost –
$ 108 (83 euro)






 7) Kevlar tips for dreadlocks

Kevlar tips can be of three types:
- Red;

- Orange;

- Blue.

 Choose which color is combined ideally with your helmet Predator.

  The set consists of 22 edges.

                                                  Option cost –
$ 125 (96 euro)




                                          8) Engraving (scars, hieroglyphs)

To give an individual style to your helmet, we can make engraving. These are not only the drawings of scars and hieroglyphs but tangible engraved figures.

engraving variants

      Option cost –
$ 32 (25 euro)





                             9) Carbon variant of the “Predator” Helmet

This option has an effect on helmet appearance, it means the helmet has coated with carbon fiber and layer of polish. 

                                         Option cost –
$ 367 (280 euro)





                                                    10) Aerography

This is the most effective option. A helmet is painted by the professional artist. Each work is an individual picture. You can see the gallery of the “Predator” painting sketches and choose the one you like. Also, our artist could prepare an individual sketch at your request.

                                         Option cost –
$ 413 (310 euro)






                                               11) Volumetric canine teeth

Plastic plate has shape of predator canines. It is fixed to the helmet. This option adds more showiness to aerography. Other examples of aerography you could find on our site in the “Predator  - Helmet” section.

                                                  Option cost – $ 77 (60 euro)






                                               12) Carbon version with fangs


  You'll get a complete carbon Predator helmet with fangs if you add this option to your order.                                                     
                                                           watch the video  


                                                 Option cost – $ 465 (353 euro)






This is how we're producing our helmet



If you have any questions or you want to order the original Predator helmet please,

don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Also, you can contact us by: Facebook

You can order original Predator helmet from our European dealer - "Graf-x"


Due to the fact that there're a lot of fake helmets appeared in the Internet, we bring to your attention the facts confirming that only Nitrinos is a developer of original Predator helmet.
Original - means the initial, authentic.
 It was Nitrinos Company who has developed the Predator helmet. There is a VIDEO with Nitrinos logo dated 2010 to proof this fact. We guarantee you won't find an earlier mention about Predator helmet. It proves that it was Nitrinos who initially developed the Predator helmet. The second proof of the authenticity or originality of Nitrinos Predator helmets - is a presence of official goverment patent with validity until 2023.
Thus, every reasonable person should understand that original Predator helmets means - Nitrinos, and all other helmets helmets which are similar to the Predator - just fake. We proved it to you.

The main differences between the original helmet and fake:

1. Each Predator helmet from Nitrinos - is a composite body with carbon reinforcement. It is a complete body but not the mask which is attached to motorcycle helmet of open-type as on many fakes .

2 . Original Predator helmet has changeable visors ( light, dark or mirror ) as well as the seal between the body of the helmet and visor to protect the face from the wind and rain. On the fake helmets there is no possibility to change the visor to light or dark one, depending on the lighting on the street , also there is no the seal under visor on the fakes.

3 . Full ventilation with possibility of adjustment is implemented in the original helmet from Nitrinos. There is no ventilation in the counterfeit helmets or it is permanently closed by means of glued mask.

4 . Nitrinos, like many official manufacturers (Nolan, Airoh, etc. ) showed the production process of the original helmet. Fakes manufacturers do not show how they produce illegal products .

We announce that all the evidence provided are primary. And we want to warn you: Fake helmet could be dangerous!




+1 #4 Osiris 25.04.2013 04:43
Пока, доносчики: NLO-MOTO, находят рынок сбыта для вашего шлема намного больше чем Вы парни. Я вижу, что люди называют хлам шлема, из-за доносчиков. Я вижу, что Вы действительно указывали их как доносчики на вашем вебсайте, но, никто не рассмотрел ВАШ шлем. Люди нуждаются в заверении перед тем, чтобы тратить так много денег на шлеме, который рассмотрели нереалистичным людьми, дурачившими NLO-MOTO. Там какой-нибудь путь состоит в том, чтобы убрать замешательство?
+23 #3 D.J. Parr 23.01.2013 18:54
how do I complete my order my page shows me only Russian
-2 #2 Андрей 22.01.2013 20:59
Цитирую D.J. Parr:
would like to by black with laser and tinted cover with scars and hieroglyphics as in #6pic

823 $
+2 #1 D.J. Parr 22.01.2013 20:48
would like to by black with laser and tinted cover with scars and hieroglyphics as in #6pic

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